About Me

Hai & Assalamualaikum
Welcome to Jepun Mari Blog !

i'm Suzie. You can call me Zie for short. i am wife and mother to adorable two kids, hero & little princess.

I wanted to write a diary at the first place, but my awful handwriting has put everything to a halt. Thus, this blog was born. My blog about the many lives of myself as a working mother, wife and supermom, treasure my momories my kids & my family. It is also a way i share with friends and acquaintances of the thing i love in life. 

i absolute love writing, taking picture, DIY mom, decorating my home, cooking, sometime seewing, don't like BAKING!! oh no, i don't know how to say if i love baking. *negegee  For me, lagi senang beli kek dari buat sendiri kah kah (laughing) Loves to bring my kiddo to travel even though just a local trip with small budget. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as i do


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